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  • 179,99 €

    Fed up with lots of wires? Get yourself a pair of wireless microphones.MadBoy U-Tube 20 wireless dual channel microphone set, gives you freedom to perform.

  • 179,00 €

    MadBoy MFP-1000 is a new generation karaoke & multi format player. It provides in it's price range overwhelming features, without being difficult to use.

  • 249,00 €

    PRO means PRO with MadBoy! Until you’ve experienced the MadBoy MFP-2000 Professional Multi Format Karaoke Player, you don’t know PRO. It's not enough to say a player is PROFESSIONAL unless you can back it up with innovative design, premium components and extra features to make your gig rock!

  • 199,00 €

    MadBoy U-REMIX intelligently combines wireless microphones, USB / SD player and Bluetooth mixer. Connecting wireless microphones to various audio systems is even easier.

  • 529,99 €

    MadBoy MINI MANIAC is a small smart package full of KARAOKE POWER!All-in-one design contains all you need for karaoke. No need for many cables, all you will need is TV screen and you are good to go!Think, when you travel for vacation or for a weekend holiday, just pack MINI MANIAC in to your car and you and your friends entertainment is guaranteed.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items