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  • Dvd-players

    MadBoy multi format players are designed for world wide use.
    Our players are built with all the latest technology and latest inventions.
    We have unbeatable players for every price range.

    MadBoy design teams carefully follow requirements and needs of the consumer, so we can always offer the player the consumer wants. There are no surprise needs that we have not considered.
    We already know what kind of player you need tomorrow.

  • Hard-drive players

    Kõvakettaga karaokemängijad nii koju kui ka professionaalseks kasutamiseks. 

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  • 249,00 €

    PRO means PRO with MadBoy! Until you’ve experienced the MadBoy MFP-2000 Professional Multi Format Karaoke Player, you don’t know PRO. It's not enough to say a player is PROFESSIONAL unless you can back it up with innovative design, premium components and extra features to make your gig rock!

  • 179,00 €

    MadBoy MFP-1000 is a new generation karaoke & multi format player. It provides in it's price range overwhelming features, without being difficult to use.

  • 219,00 €

    KARAOKE PLAYER AND SOUND RECORDER IN THE SAME PACKAGE The latest player of the MadBoy® MFP-series meets the singer's latest wishes. It is packed with the latest DVD and karaoke technology so therefore the MFP-1500 overwhelming with it's functionality as the central unit of your karaoke equipment.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items