User rules

1. General conditions


1.1 The present conditions shall act between OÜ Lefkan Karaoke (hereinafter referred to as the company) and all the persons (hereinafter referred to as the clients), conducting purchases with the help of the Internet-shop referred to as the WEB-shop).


2. Prices


2.1. Lefkan Karaoke OÜ is not subject to VAT

2.2. The prices of the WEB-shop may differ from the sales prices on the goods in the company’s commercial point, and are valid only for the purchase via the WEB-shop.

2.3. The client may order shipping of the goods within the Republic of Estonia  and outside the Estonia according to the selected method.


3. Execution of order


3.1. The client can make up his cart by clicking the button «add to cart» next to the chosen article.

3.2. For the confirmation of the order the client needs to click the button «send» in the «User’s menu – Shopping cart», checking the quantity beforehand and choosing the method of shipment of the goods.


4. Payment


4.1. The order is taken for processing only after the payment. In case the order has not been paid for within 7 days after the execution, it shall be annulled.

4.2. The payment shall be conducted to OÜ Lefkan Karaoke current account EE677700771001460651 LHV bank


5. Shipment


5.1. The goods are delivered to the customer in accordance with the customer service of the selected method.

5.2. Additional information is available by calling +372 680 9044 and via e-mail


6. 14-day right of return

6.1. Returned goods must be externally unused (no scratches) and in original packaging.

6.2. When cancelling the order or when returning the product, the clent is returned the sum paid for the order, with the deduction of the fee associated with sending the product back to the warehouse in amount of up to 10 €.
6.3. OÜ Lefkan Karaoke is committed immediately, but not later than 14 days after receipt of the returned goods, to return the amount paid forthe returned goods.

7. Return of the products not meeting the requirements

7.1. OÜ Lefkan Karaoke is responsible for all inconsistencies and defects, which appear in 2 years time (for physical persons) / in 1 year time (for legal persons), starting from the moment of product acceptance.
7.2. OÜ Lefkan Karaoke is not responsible for:

a) Damage or degradation of the product caused by the client or the third party.
b) Defects caused by inappropriate use of the product.
c) Normal physical wearing caused by the normal usage.

7.3. Should the product be defective or not meet the reqirements, the customer has the right to demand the product to be replaced with the product meeting the requirements and free of defects, or revoke the order and return the product not meeting the requirements to OÜ Lefkan Karaoke.
7.4. Should the product not meeting the requirements be returned, the sum paid for the product (including the transportation costs) will be refunded no later than 14 days after revoking the order and receiving the notification on revoknig the contract.
7.5. Apart from the rights subsequent to the guarantee terms, the client also has other rights in accordance with the applicable legislative acts in force.


8. Liability and Force Majeure


8.1. OÜ Lefkan Karaoke and the customer are mutually liable for any damage caused to another party by not complying to the present terms in amount and in cases provided for by the applicable European Union legislative acts.
8.2. OÜ Lefkan Karaoke is not responsible for the damage incurred to the cusomer as well as product delivery delays, should such damage or delivery delay be caused by circumstances beyond Antista AS control, and occurrence whereof OÜ Lefkan Karaoke did not foresee and could not have possibly foreseen (Force Majeure).


9. Other conditions


9.1. All the personal data, submitted by the customer while visiting and effecting purchases in Karaokeshop e-shop are conseidered confidential. A protected data transnission channel with the bank guarantees the security of personal data and bank transactions. Karaokeshop e-shop has no access to these data.
9.2. All matters not covered by the present terms are to be resolved based on the applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.
9.3. Disputes emerged due to ordering and purchasing of the goods via Euronics online store between You and OÜ Lefkan Karaoke are being settled by negotiation. In case if the agreement was not reached You have the right to apply to protect Your rights via Consumer Protection Board to Commission on Consumer Complaints or to Tallinn City Court. The consumer may file a complaint independently or by proxy. At the resolution of disputes the existing legislation of The Republic of Estonia is being taken into account.


10. Disclaimer


10.1 All the images are for illustrative purposes only.
10.2 Product price and stock status can change with no prior notice.
10.3 We reserve the right to cancel an order with incorrect data, such as typing errors, technical problems or mass ordering. In case of an obvious price error Euronics e-shop may allude to an error. Namely, if there has been an obvious mistake, the customer should realize the error. All the advertised products can only be ordered 1 item per client. The 'limited amount' or similarly marked products can be ordered only 1 item per client.
10.4 The product info is checked and updated on a regular basis. The info could have been changed since your last visit. On rare occasions manufacturers’ web pages include inexact data, which may be accidentally transferred to product data page. In this case Euronics e-shop cannot be held responsible for product data errors.

11. Other conditions


11.1. All residual questions pertaining to the operating rules of the WEB-shop shall be solved:

  •                       by means of negotiations;
  •                       in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

 How do I buy?

* Select a product, karaoke videofile or backing track you want to byu and add it to the shopping cart.
* Before you adding backing track to the shopping cart you can listening demo.
* After click „Check out“ your shopping cart you can see „Shopping-cart summary“.
* Log in or register as a user. After click the „Proceed to checkout“ you see a billing and delivery adresses and if it's correct click again „Proceed to checkout“.
* After that you can choose the shipping method and you have to select box „I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally „ and click the „Proceed to checkout“.
* Then choose your payment method: Pay by bank wire, Pay by LHV Banklink, Pay with Creditcard or PayPal
* After that you have to confirm your order and inputting your credit card information and then click „Authorize“.
* After payment will be sent to you by e-mail order confirmation and link for downloading your backtrack files or karaoke videofiles.

You can download your files only 1 time and when you have problems with downloading, you have to send to us e-mail to and we will send to you link again for downloading.

The format of downloaded music format is mp3 and 320kbit/s.
The format for karaoke videofiles are MPEG4.