FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

1. How do I find the music and vidoefile I’m looking for?

Search for music and videofile by artist, song in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

2. Are the downloaded music  and vidoefiles legals?

All of the music  and videofiles on the “Karaokeshop” page are legals. All rules for listening and downloading are agreed with the Copyright Association and music producers.

3. Am I allowed to burn music  and videofiles to CD/DVD?

Yes, you may do so.

4. Am I allowed to copy my music and videofiles to another computer?

Yes, you may do so. Music and videofiles are for the purchaser's personal use. Music and videofiles can not be shared with others on the Internet or otherwise made available to the public.

5. Can I listen to music before purchasing it?

Yes, it is possible to listen to 40 seconds of any track.

6. Why do I need to register to buy music and videofiles?

To buy music and videofiles legally, you must be a registered user. Otherwise, “Karaokeshop” has no right to sell you music and videofiles.

7. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Click “forgot your password?” on the main page. Then fill in the required fields and “Karaokeshop” will e-mail you your password.

8. What do I do if the connection is lost during downloading?

Don’t worry, all of the files you buy can be downloaded for ….............

9. What format is the downloadable music in?

The music is in mp3 320 kbit/s and videofiles are in MPEG4 format.

10. What happens if I lose my music files or my computer crashes?

Purchased music can be re-downloaded, if you will send to us your purchased info and we will send to you new download link by e-mail info@karaokeshop.eu  In the case of a computer crashes, we recommend saving your music or vodeofiles to CD/DVD or a memory stick as security against that possibility.

11. What methods of payment are possible?

You can pay by bank wire and all major credit cards.

12. I wanted to buy a couple albums yesterday, but reconsidered at the last moment.

The question I had was, how much is the postage and how will the CD/DVDs reach me? And how long would it take?

This is an online music store, which means that you can save the music  or videofiles to your computer and, if you wish, to your player, telephone or some other medium. You can also save music or videofiles to CD/DVD if your computer allows you to do so.  Shipping prices depends on your choice of shipping method.

“Karaokeshop” delivers CD/DVDs by post.

13. Is it safe to pay by credit card?

After an order has been placed, the client is automatically directed to the payment page of ECommerce Payment Gateway interface, where he shall insert his card data.

E-Commerce Payment Gateway interface authorises the transaction at the bank through Nets Estonia AS.

After entering the card number, security code and expiry date, the payment is authorised by the client’s bank.

When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorised persons.